Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering Department emphasizes on the clear understanding of the fundamental concepts and intricacies of electronic devices, electronic circuits, systems under various working conditions including their use in design. The well-qualified and experienced faculty imparts and sharpens analytical and innovative skills of the students for understanding and designing of electronic circuits and systems from simple to complicated ones. Students are further trained to use modern software based on fast analytical and design tools.

The students are empowered to take up innovative or challenging jobs relating to design, operation and maintenance of electronic systems, ICs, VLSI design, communications (analog, digital & optical), computer hardware, instrumentation, computer controlled systems, etc. In addition, the department encourages and engages them in special classes, train them in emerging and promising areas and special softwares of immense interest to the prospective employers.

Students are assigned project work from 3rd year so that they can work on their project intensively upto the final year. Exposure to current literature on related technology in the library caters to their investigative needs as per requirement.

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